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Family Camp 2022

September  16-18

Family.  A God given vessel for the gospel proclamation. 

Onecho Bible Church family camp is a tradition that is treasured in our hearts due to the grace and glory of God.  We hope your family will consider fellowship with us this special year.  

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2022 Family Camp Registration Form

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Silver Lake Bible Camp
September 16-18, 2022

6:00 Arrive & Get Settled (no dinner)
7:00 1st Session
9:00 Refreshments

8:30 Breakfast
9:00 2nd Session
10:15 Coffee Break

10:45 3rd Session
12:30 Lunch

1:30 Free Time: zip line, giant swing, boating, swimming, and visiting.
5:30 Dinner

6:15 4th Session
7:30 Movie (refreshments following)

8:00 Family Quiet Time (no breakfast)
9:30 5th Session: Worship Service
11:00 Cleanup

11:15 Brunch

12:15 Free Time / Clean Cabins
4:00 Vacate Camp

Suggested Donation:

Adult $125.00

Ages 4-11 $75.00

Under 3 no charge

Offerings received at camp sessions will be used to offset camp costs. We want every family who can make it to come. Please do not let finances determine if you attend this great weekend together.

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Our Speakers:
Mike and Brigit Adams

Mike and Brigit have been serving the Lord for years with First Response Radio and have been long time Onecho supported missionaries.  First Response Radio's main goal is to set up communications for those in disaster situations where all communication has been lost. They have traveled the world and have so many things to share with you about what God is doing!

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